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70 Faces Media is the largest and most diverse Jewish media organization in North America.

Our Brands

Meet Our Brands


Kveller is a thriving community of women and parents who convene online to share, celebrate, and commiserate their experiences of raising kids through a Jewish lens.


The Jewish Telegraphic Agency is the definitive, trusted global source of breaking news and analysis on issues of Jewish interest and concern.

My Jewish Learning

With over 10,000 articles on all aspects of Jewish life, religion, and history, My Jewish Learning is the web’s leading pluralistic, nondenominational Jewish educational resource.

JTA Archive

The JTA Archive offers free access to nearly a century of reporting about global events affecting world Jewry. It is a rich resource for both the casually curious as well as students and scholars of modern Jewish history.


Jewniverse features extraordinary, inspirational, forgotten, and just-plain-strange dispatches from Jewish culture, tradition, and history.


Our newest brand, launched in mid-2017, Alma is an up-and-coming online community for millennial Jewish women to talk about careers, dating, spirituality, and how to be an adult.

The Nosher

The Nosher offers a dazzling array of new and classic Jewish recipes and food news, from Europe to Yemen, from challah to shakshuka and beyond.

We were born through the groundbreaking merger of a storied news agency and an Internet start-up.